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Friday, 20 April 2018

Resistance is futile

I've kind of given up on the idea of doing less for Love Quilts , I always seem to think "I'll just do one more before having a break" and that break is not happening at the moment.
  My sons' wee doggy has been sadly neglected . I'm still getting into the work routine and am not up to counting too much at the moment , plus I have realised that I grossly miscounted at the start and he is not centred properly,which has put me off somewhat.
 But , still wanting to stitch so I have been doing lots of block colours for team Superhero.

 And loved doing this bright label.
 Just finished yesterday.

 Easter half term , hubby also had the second week off work so we had some fun days out when I was not working.
  We had a day in Skegness , it was chilly and foggy but we had fun nonetheless . We can never go past a branch of The Works , so popped into the Skeg one , and I found treasure.
  This is extendable , magnetic and has an LED light on the end . Perfect for if you drop your needles , and a bargain at  2.50 . I haven't seen them in the local shops , so not sure if they are limited .

Our local Hub has some very talented people who love sharing with the community . One such gentleman is a wood turner and goes into the local primary school to do demos for the kids .
 My son was chosen for the most recent one and was over the moon to be given this pen that he saw being made . It is absolutely lovely , and I'm a tad bit jealous.
  That's all for now , I am busy doing laundry so I can dry outside while we have the lovely weather.
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Barb said...

Those super heroes are just wonderful. I'm sure the child they go to loves them too. Enjoy the break with your family!

Julie said...

Beautiful stitching as always
What a wonderful gif the pen was. I have one that was gifted by a friends husband.