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Wednesday, 13 June 2018

A slight delay in posting

Sorry I have been AWOL for a while , last time I posted my MIL had been admitted to hospital with pneumonia. She was in for nearly two weeks and on being discharged went straight to the bedside of her Mum (hubby's Grandma) who also had pneumonia .
  Due to her age (nearly 101) the doctors thought sending Grandma to hospital would be too stressful , so she has been bed bound at home for the last couple of months with my MIL and her sister looking after her and more recently with help from carers.
 My lovely Grandma in law passed away on Saturday morning , just three weeks shy of her 101st birthday. She remained stubborn to the end , and will be very much missed , but for her sake it was a blessing as she wasn't comfortable and had no quality of life. Whilst it was not unexpected , it still hits hard .

  So , I have done a little stitching and lots of reading since last time .

This one is an a/c square for Love Quilts. I sent it in along with the previous squares and this one and the batman and robin from last time have already found their place on a quilt .
  This one is for me , and a good job too as I made so many mistakes it was unreal . Still , I like it and that's all that matters . It's an original !

I have started another one in this series , but not much progress as yet , I tend to be too tired to stitch when I've been at work and then have lots of stuff to catch up on the other days , so at the moment stitching time is limited.
  I am hoping to get more done on my HAEDs and hopefully start a new one soon , as I've bought the threads I needed for it , so watch this space.
 Thanks for dropping by ,


Vickie said...

I am sorry for your loss Cath. I enjoyed seeing your stitching today my friend.

Marlene Jones said...

Sad time for you and your family, woman like your Grandma were strong, the age she lived in made most woman that way, I'm sure your stitching time will come back.

Terri said...

So sorry for your loss!!

Christine said...

Great squares, I love the S.H.I.E.L.D. one

Julie said...

Feeling your sadness Cath, we lost a much loved aunt midweek, she was 93, a good age, but it's still very sad isn't it.